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Ear Hissing Tinnitus - Physician, Heal Thy Self
   Discussion: Ear Hissing Tinnitus - Physician, Heal Thy Self
ALVIN99 · 4 months ago
Tinnitus has many different causes and there have been just as many different tinnitus remedies discovered to help ease the stress and strain of sufferers who have this condition. Ring Ease (Life Now Naturals)  The most prevalent cause of this affliction is cochlear damage which is usually the result of prolonged exposure to a certain noise most often workplace related.This is followed by ear infections and damage inflicted by head trauma of some kind usually as the result of an accident. The resulting ailment is most often referred to as ear ringing tinnitus because this is how the noise experienced by patients is most often described. It has also been defined as a buzzing or a humming sound.Statistics indicate that cochlear damage is suffered by 85% of tinnitus patients with 66 million Americans suffering from constant tinnitus while over half have intermittent tinnitus. (T-Gone website) Stress and sinus conditions are the next most common triggers of tinnitus related symptoms. One tinnitus remedy that's been developed to treat the noise inflicted type of this condition is called masking.  This treatment involves introducing a masker to drown out the ear ringing or buzzing sound heard by the patient. The masking sound is more pleasant and soothing and has been related to white noise.Stress tinnitus or symptoms caused by exposure to severe stress and strain is also a common origin of the ailment and treatment for this type usually involves addressing the cause itself. By targeting or eliminating the source of the anxiety you may be able to reduce or totally eliminate the tinnitus itself.Meniere's disease is another form of this affliction caused by inner ear damage with symptoms ranging from vertigo accompanied by head spinning and balance problems to nausea and vomiting. These attacks can be frequent in nature or can occur months apart.The tinnitus remedy for this condition usually involves some sort of natural treatment by using vitamin supplements to address the problem. The patient's overall diet and lifestyle may also be taken into account.This is because there are elements in your blood stream and some other bodily fluids that can play havoc with your inner ear fluid which can result in Meniere's symptoms. For example, foods that are high in salt or sugar have been known to increase the concentration of these substances in the blood which will affect the amounts of these elements in the fluid of the inner ear.These differences in the total amounts of materials present in the fluids can introduce feelings of increased ear pressure and may also result in hearing loss as well as vertigo and nausea.The best approach to treating any kind of tinnitus is to identify and attack the underlying cause which may result in a gradual diminishing of the symptoms or may cause the total elimination of the tinnitus problem all together.  

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