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First Christian Church of Wilmington First Christian Church of Wilmington

tanja hahn · 4 months ago
Following is a list of starchy vegetables: Artichokes Beans Sweet potato Beetroot Colossian Yam Tapioca In order to combat diabetes, besides a healthy diet, one should devote some time in following an exercise routine. HL12 Diabetes Well, it doesn't always mean hitting the gym to burn sugar. 40-45 minutes of brisk walking daily can also benefit in improving and managing diabetes effectively. In fact, light exercise after lunch and dinner is a natural method to regulate blood sugar. When the insulin in the body does not function properly or is not produced in sufficient quantities in the body, the person suffers from a disorder known as diabetes. It is one of the most common conditions found all over the world today. Its exact cause is unknown. There are several factors that are responsible for causing it. Although there is no cure for diabetes, following certain methods and making changes in the lifestyle can help in bringing the condition under control. The low GI diet is planned in order to bring diabetes under control. Let us know more on it. Low GI Diet and Diabetes In the recent years, we have observed that the major part of our diet consists of refined or processed foods. These foods are known as high glycolic foods, i.e., they contain a high amount of sugar. When we eat foods with high amount of sugars (not literal table sugar, but, sugars found in refined foods), the sugar level in our body rises very rapidly. This brings about a temporary but quick feeling of fullness. However, the sugar level also drops at the same speed as it rises. Therefore, we feel hungry after some time and tend to eat more. Therefore, consuming foods with high glycolic index can lead to disorders like obesity; and also have a negative effect on the body if a person suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure.  

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