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First Christian Church of Wilmington First Christian Church of Wilmington

Harms rhyta · 5 months ago
=11ptYour Body Mass Index is a measure of how much fat you have in your body relative to your weight. This can easily be computed by many online BMI calculators using your height and weight. The normal BMI is in the range 18.5 through 24.9, whereas an overweight BMI is 25 through 29.9. Once you know your BMI you can set a goal of getting into the normal BMI range. These calculators do Max Peak XL =11ptnot take account of body fat versus muscle, so you may get a higher value if you are more heavily muscled. Muscular strength and endurance can be tested with a push-up test. The number of push-ups that you can do in one minute is a good assessment of your upper body strength, but this also shows your overall fitness. Over 40 push-ups in one minute indicates excellent fitness for a 30 year old male.  

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