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First Christian Church of Wilmington First Christian Church of Wilmington

Photo Gallery: manalei Photo Gallery: manalei

Nase and his "T" cousins (Trevor & Tristan)
Viewed 27 times
Nase practicing for FCCW's next years' fire dance performance...hehehe...
Viewed 33 times! these 2 were rowdy from the early years...goodness! Trev & Naz
Viewed 35 times
young pics of Manasseh & Trevor
Viewed 38 times
meeh and my Manu Samoa
Viewed 62 times
Nase with cousins from Seattle (Katianne & Sesi)
Viewed 50 times
Nase with Wessen & Fitu
Viewed 34 times
Manasseh at the Samoan village at PCC - Hawaii
Viewed 36 times
my Hubby & I in paradise
Viewed 42 times
Dining to celebrate Julian (aunty Ano's) graduation at Roys in Hawaii
Viewed 36 times
Nase with his Nana & Aunty Ano
Viewed 39 times
My hubby & Brother "Juice" at Roy's in Hawaii
Viewed 40 times
Who's that Surf Boy -- woohooo go Nase!
Viewed 31 times
the Ninja (Nase) & Frog (Corey)
Viewed 35 times
Mansseh with lil cousin Corey
Viewed 28 times
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