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First Christian Church of Wilmington First Christian Church of Wilmington

Earle Enesi Earle Enesi


Earle Enesi
Title: Senior Pastor
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Pastor Earle Enesi graduated from Kanana Fou Theological Seminary in Tafuna, American Samoa on July 2003. He attended Kanana Fou Theological Seminary from August 1999 - July 2003. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Arts Theology/Religious Education in the Church at Claremont School of Theology.

In addition to the calling of the Lord for him to be his humble servant, Pastor Earle brings many years of expertise in musicianship to First Christian Church of Wilmington.

First Christian Church of Wilmington will put their faith on Pastor Earle to be their, ENCOURAGER, COUNSELOR, TEACHER, PREACHER, LEADER, and most of all, COMFORTER.